What is Acrobatics?

From 13 till 15 April 2018, the world’s top-class acrobatic gymnasts come to Antwerp for the World Championships. Acrobatics, an infusion of choreography and complex skills performed in partnership. With no apparatus the gymnasts work in harmony and trust, each responsible for their partner or partners. Exercises performed on a standard gymnastic floor impose on gymnasts a need for strength, agility, flexibility, balance and acrobatic skills. A requirement, and opportunity to express their artistry and individual gymnastics skills makes this a delight for spectators, and a tremendous feeling of attainment for gymnasts.

Competitions consist of qualifying rounds and finals in the following categories:

All exercises must be performed to music and must start from a static position, be choreographed throughout and end in a static position.


Qualifications consist of one Balance, one Dynamic and one Combined exercise. The Balance and the Combined exercises have a maximum duration of 2 minutes 30 seconds. The Dynamic exercise has a maximum duration of 2 minutes. Balance Exercises must demonstrate strength, balance, flexibility and agility. Dynamic Exercises must demonstrate flight from throws, boosts, pitches and flight before catches. All pairs or groups take part in the qualification round. A draw determines the starting order. Each pair or group is ranked after performance of all 3 exercises. The 8 highest scoring pairs / groups in each category, after the 3 exercises in Qualification, proceed to Final.


This competition determines the World Champions per category. It consists of one Combined Exercise. Combined Exercises must demonstrate elements characteristic of both the Balance and Dynamic Exercise.