Qualification day 2 @WAGC 12-18

Elien Van Deynse   ‐  Maandag 9 apr 2018

Let's Team Up!

Today the gymnasts Age 12-18 and 13-19 perform their second exercise in this competition. At the end of the day the finalists are known! We start with the gymnasts in the category 12-18.

After the exciting first day of first qualifiers, the first session of today’s final qualifying competition turned out to be even more surprising.

Today’s opening routine was performed MxP pair from Kazachstan and the Women’s event was kickstarted by the Ukrainian Pair. The second routine in the WP event was exercised by Russian duo of two Darinas. Even though their Tempo score was lower than the scores of Ukrainian or American pairs, the 0.4 advantage they earned over their opponents in the Balance qualifier was enough to keep them in the lead position until the very last routine of the session. Just as everyone thought nothing can threaten their lead, Australian Women pair's concluding the morning session with their tempo routine gracefully tumbled their way to the top drawing scores with Russia, who got pushed to the 2nd position. In the 3rd position there’s UK’s pair, Zoe and Fran, who danced their way up from 5th position, with a toe-tapping big band routine. USA and Israel who drew in the 2nd position yesterday, finished 4th and 5th respectively. Belgian WP who yesterday placed just off the podium position, performed a melodic swing routine and confidently executed their elements, finally finishing in the 6th position and again got a massive round of applause from the home crowd.

In the 12-18 Age Group 10 teams go through to the finals so tomorrow we will see a nice diversity of countries, including also pairs Ukraine, the Netherlands, Portugal with Germany closing the list of qualifiers in the 10th position.

The Mixed Pair competition also finished with a twist. Nothing changed in the lead position – Great Britain’s Jordan and Ella proved once again that in their age group they are very hard rivals to beat. Their El Matador routine topped yesterday’s solid score of 27.900 with 28.050 putting them confidently in the lead position. This pair has got a beautiful dynamics and we can’t wait to see their final performance.

So far the most exciting rivalry today happened between two pairs from Portugal – Ines and Pedro, who were in the 4th position after balance qualifiers, 0.5 ahead of Tomas and Leonor. Today they performed a confident routine scoring solid 27.400. Portugal’s second Mixed Pair presented moving, almost tear-jerking routine to Evanescene’s My Immortal, with impressive first balance combom which has earned them a score of 29.050 with amazing 19.100 for execution , second position after the qualifiers and a place in the final. This was not only this partnership’s personal best, but also the highest score we’ve seen so far in the 2018 WAGC!

Russia’s Nikita and Anastasiia performed a solid routine, but could not top Portugal’s fantastic result and finished the qualifiers in the third position, pushing the Belgian pair off the podium placing. Also Italy did not fail to surprise. Their Mixed Pair, 18th after yesterday’s competition outdid themselves today and with the final routine of the Mixed Pair 12-18 event finished in the 6th position, securing themselves a spot in tomorrow’s finals.

In the final we will also see Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. US pair, coached by the 2010 World Champion and 2013 World Games winner Michael Rodrigues, completes the list of the Mixed Pair finalists.

After an exciting morning, we’ve started the second session today with the Men’s Pairs event. The opening act belong to the Home Nations Rajo and Simon who scored 25.8 and managed to qualify to the final in the 5th position. Today’s event belonged indisputably to Russia, who finished with an advantage of over 1 point over the UK’s pair with their vibrant routine to the sounds of Spanish guitar. British pair with Samuel and Sammy performed their dynamic, engaging routine very well and with solid 27.400 finished in the 2nd position. They also have a large advantage of the Ukrainian pair; however, as tomorrow all teams have a fresh start with 0.000 total score, everything can change. The other final qualifiers are Belarus, Belgium and USA. Sadly in the final we won’t see Poland, who lost by only 0.35 to the American team. Germany and France also did not make it to the final but all teams fought well and were up to really worthy adversaries.

Men’s Group event once again rocked the crowd here in the Lotto arena. The competition kicked off with the US team who performed an entertaining choreography to a cheerful floor music, well applauded by the audience. The boys exercised the routine with big smiles on their faces, maybe they already knew it’ll put them high in the ranking?

UK’s group demonstrated a fantastic routine, which despite of the relative low difficulty (0.450) was awarded high marks and the group finished in the second position. Israel’s routine was different to the British and American amusing, merry choreographies. Their tempo exercise started off slowly, in almost lyrical way, to finish with a bang! They are currently 0.4 behind the US. The group event was finished off by spectacular performance of the Russian group. The boys danced to the choir version of Go Down Moses and won the competition by a mile! As they are only 5 groups in this competition we will see everyone again in tomorrow’s final. Will there be any surprises?

In the busy 12-18 Women’s Group Competition again we’ve seen 34 routines from all over the world. Today they performed their balance routines. There first four places remained exactly as they were yesterday. Beautiful execution of the Russian routine secured them the lead again. Israel performed confidently and was awarded high marks for artistry but still lost to Russia by 0.35. Ukrainian trio demonstrated a delightful routine to the Swan Lake music and with a swan-like elegance finished the qualifiers in the third position. The trio from the Netherlands with their well-deserved marks completes the list of teams who scored over 55 points. Belgium finished the qualifiers in 5th and 6th position, only 0.32 apart from each other. Sadly only one team per country can make the finals, so tomorrow we will watch Zara, Lisa and Lotte performing their combined routine. In the final we will also see Portugal, Kazakhstan, Belarus, UK and Canada.