Last training before the World Championships

Elien Van Deynse   ‐  Donderdag 12 apr 2018

Let's Team Up!

Yesterday we had the first sneak-peak of what we can expect on Friday, during the first day of qualifiers for the World Championships. Today the gymnasts had their second and last podium session in the Lotto Arena, the quiet before the Storm!

Today we had another chance to see the World’s top gymnasts practicing for the last time before their first test tomorrow. The first day of qualifiers will start with a Dynamic routine for Women’s Groups and Mixed Pairs. Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs and Men’s Groups will do their Balance routines. After carefully watching the podium training, let me tell you, tomorrow’s competition will be Acro-mazing!

Today’s podium training started with a bang with the podium training of the Chinese team. They brought a strong representation to this edition of the World Championships. Defending World Champions in the Men’s Group competition, as well as the second Men’s Group, but only one of them will be able to qualify for the finals. Both groups together with the Mixed Pair, Women’s Pair and a Trio already in the training proved, that China is definitely a strong competitor to watch out for.

In the Senior competition Great Britain and the USA have much smaller representations than in the Age Group Competition, but just as strong. From the UK we will see 2 Men’s Pairs and a trio. The US team consists of a Women’s Pair, Women’s Group and a Mixed Pair. Since 2002, only once (2012 Lake Buena Vista), the US team did not have a medal in the World Championships Mixed Pair event. Will they stay on the podium streak?

The Russian senior team is without a doubt one of the front runners of this competition with three defending World Champions – the Mixed Pair, Women’s Group and Men’s Pair. They are also going to enter the qualifiers with two Men’s Groups. In Putian the Russian Group finished 5th so this time they are determined to change that and get a medal!

The Netherlands have a considerable team with two Mixed Pairs, two Women’s Groups and a Women’s Pair. Especially the Women’s Pair is looking very promising. In the last World Championships the Netherlands did not qualify for any finals. They will be definitely looking forward to change that! Kazakhstan’s Mixed Pair Dmitriy Fedkovich & Angelina Yanitskaya in Putian finished 7th. Will they get their shot at the podium this time? We will also see two Men’s Pairs from Kazakhstan and a Trio. The Polish representation is also smaller than during the WAGC. Women’s Group, Men’s Pair and a Mixed Pair – Polish Junior team did not qualify for any finals. Hopefully the Senior’s will be able to change that!

Israel is on fire during this competition series. Third in the medal table after the Age Group and Junior competition is definitely hungry for more competing in 4 out of 5 events. The Spanish team rocked the podium today with some great tunes. They’re certainly going to entertain the audience over the next 2 and hopefully all 3 days of the competition.

The Belgian Senior team is ready to win some more medals for their country! After a silver medal in the 11-16 competition and a silver in the Junior division, the Men’s Pair, Mixed Pair, Women’s Group and Men’s Group are ready to move things around in the medal table.

Austria has a sole representative in this competition a graceful women’s group. People’s Republic of Korea has partnerships in two events, Women’s Pairs and Men’s Pairs. Who knows, maybe they will be the black horse of this competition? Both Ukraine and Germany are also looking strong and ready for the Worlds. Germany with 2 Women’s groups, Men’s Pair, Mixed Pair and Men’s Group and Ukraine with a team in each event.

At the end of today’s training session we’ve also seen Portugal, Belarus, France, Australia and Azerbaijan. Portugal demonstrated quality gymnastics in the WAGC, so we definitely can’t wait to see more in the Senior division. Belarus is hoping to make 3 finals with 2 Mixed Pair competing against each other for the qualifying spot, a Men’s Pair and a trio – silver World Games medallists.

Azerbaijan will also try their luck with two Mixed Pairs and a Men’s Pair. The country is definitely becoming more visible on the International scene so we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in stock! Both France and Australia have two teams in the Women’s Groups competition and France will also try their luck in the Mixed Pair competition. In Putian they qualified for the finals and they will definitely want to achieve that, if not more, again.

Tomorrow the competition will start at 11u30. With Women’s Groups and Men’s Pair. The very first team on the floor will be the Polish trio. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates about the biggest Acrobatic Gymnastics event of the year!