Finals Worlds Age Group Competitions 12-18

Elien Van Deynse   ‐  Dinsdag 10 apr 2018

Russia and Great Britain triumph today

Big day for the gymnasts Age 12-18 at the World Age Group Competitions today. 5 finals and 15 medal chances!

The finals started with Netherland’s Lian to Amber performing to a vibrant Sia medley. Sadly their performance did not go as planned as due to a fall they were unable to execute one of their balance combinations and the penalty has spoilt their medal chances.

Everyone was waiting to see what the result of the final competition between Russia and Australia will be. Russia’s double Darina’s dominance was ended yesterday by Australia after the tempo qualifiers. Today the Russian girls presented serious balance skills, which are definitely their strength. After a clear execution of the routine they were awarded 28.100. Australia presented a moving routine however with a slightly lower execution score and initially took the silver. Just as everyone thought there wouldn’t be any more surprises, Great Britain’s Zoe and Fran with Sia’s I’m still breathing danced their way into the silver position drawing scores with Russia and pushing Australia in the bronze medal position. Lively performance from the American pair scored them 27.920 and put them in 4th position just 0.03 behind Australia. Israel’s national champions and silver medal winners at the Maia Acro Cup scored 27.120 which put them in the 5th position. What a close final that was!

In the Mixed Pair final the competition was fierce. Difficulty packed routine from GB ‘s 11-16 bronze medalists from Putian and reigning 12-18 European Champions put them in the lead, which just like in the qualifiers, no one could take away from them. With a fantastic 28.400 they were unbeatable and won the well-deserved gold. After the moving performance of the Portuguese pair, we could not wait to see what tricks they’ve got up their sleeve today. And they did not disappoint. Their alluring performance scored solid 28.000 which was enough for bronze medal.

The Belgian pair got their home crowd’s hopes high for a Bronze medal, staying in the 3rd place until the Russian pair performed their lyrical routine and got in the 2nd position moving Margot and Seppe to the 4th position. The finals launched by the solid routine of the Ukrainian pair who clearly executed their routine that put them in the 5th position. Italy was the biggest surprise of yesterday’s qualifiers as this was the first time an Italian partnership qualified to the final of the World Age Group Competition. They finished the competition in the 7th position, which is a great success and definitely a historical moment for Italian Acrobatic Gymnastics.

The Men’s Group competition was the shortest event today. With only 5 teams to compete we’ve seen amazing routines. Israel started the competition with their Sweet dreams routine however with a 0.6 penalty finished just behind the American Group. Their lively routine won them the 3rd place, behind Great Britain and Russia, recreating the 11-16 WAGC final results from Putian! The British group also performed a part of their routine to Sweet dreams and their dreams did come true! For the second time they became WAGC silver medallists. Armenia made a costly mistake today that put them in the back end of the ranking. Saving the best for last Russia’s dynamic performance once again left the audience speechless. Difficulty packed routine with spectacular dynamic elements and jaw-dropping balance was just invincible.

The Men’s Pair competition started off with an amusing performance from the USA’s pair, whenever they take over the floor they just put a smile on everyone’s face. With 25.050 they conclude the ranking, but it was a truly enjoyable performance.

The lovely routine from the qualifiers winner Russia, started off slowly and was filled with great skills until the grand finale scoring 28.000. After a successful morning for the UK’s Samuel and Sammy did not fail the hopes put in them and without a single wobble managed to beat Russia’s fantastic score and win the desired gold. A small mishap with the music didn’t stop the Ukrainian pair from winning the first medal for their country today. 4th position belonged to Belarus who impressed with their Golden Eye routine and an extraordinary head balance combination to kick start their routine. Sadly for them, this time it wasn’t enough for a medal. Belgium’s Rajo and Simon – 26.580 – really owned their amusing routine and got a loud ovation from their home audience in the Lotto Arena.

The Women’s Group competition was no less surprising than the other events. Russia opened their routine with a strong first balance combo and quite rightly won the final competition. Russia’s trio tradition is very strong and once again they proved they’re a mighty opponent. Ukraine’s trio, whose top was spotted flying under the ceiling in their precisely executed tempo elements, scored 27.850 and won the second medal for the country today and the first silver, only 0.3 behind the Russian girls. Israel's delightful artistry elements won them a strong artistry score and they tied with the Ukrainian group, however due to a lower execution score they’ve finished the competition in the bronze medal position. One of the biggest surprises today was the team from Canada, who qualified to the finals on the 10th position and it was the first ever qualification to the final in a WAGC event for this country. After a fantastic clear routine to Believer proved that believing is the first step to success. They finished just of the podium in the solid 4th position. What a fantastic result! Great Britain finished 5th followed by Belgium, who demonstrated a vibrant routine and with a 6th position opens the second half of the ranking.

This morning without a doubt belonged to Russia and Great Britain. We’ve heard the Russian anthem three times and the British anthem twice. Well done to all gymnasts competing in the 12-18 finals. You’ve all done exceptionally well and even if you didn’t finish in the position you hoped for, remember, you lost to the best teams in the World!

Next up are the best gymnasts Age 13-19! Good luck to all of them!