Behind the scenes of the World Championships

Sander Raeymaekers   ‐  Woensdag 11 apr 2018

Let's Team Up!

Hundreds of people a day gather at the World Championships in Antwerp these days. Parents, coaches, gymnasts, volunteers, judges, ... all of them with a different story.

The arena is quite ok, I like the level of the judges. Normally they’re placed in three rows above each other, now they’re around the competition floor. It gives more the impression for the gymnasts of performing for a show. The crowd is a lot more involved than in China 2 years ago, due to the organisation of the field of play, they are much closer to the competition floor. That gives interaction that’s needed for a good atmosphere. - Adam (judge, GBR)

It’s an amazing experience, the people are so talkative and not afraid of being themselves. I really like the lightning, when on the competition floor, you only see the judges, no crowd. The training hall is nicely organized with a lot of space around it. At last I very like the food, with a variety of choices for salads, meat and vegetables. Really clean! - Erin (gymnast, CAN)

The organisatie is very good here, all things are perfect: the atmosphere, the food and the gymnasts. Wait, we want to participate in the championships dance - we like it so much! - Parents (GER)

We’re fine, the hall is nicely decorated and we like the program during the dead moments with the speaker, the music and the mascottes - oh they are lovely! We especially will remember from our first world championships the floor: it’s lovely illuminated and surrounded by the crowd. - Nico & Lena (gymnasts, AUT)

We did good routines, but didn’t make the finals. So we can cheer for our teammates on the final day. It’s al so overwhelming here: the floor, the crowd and the city! We cannot wait to have our Belgian Waffles with the team! - Matthew & Andrew (gymnasts, AUS)

We feel very good - like at home, the organisation is really good and the acrobatics are excellent. Our daughter also competed in China two years ago, the level of atmosphere is really different. I expected a bigger opening ceremony, but hey - we’re having so much fun! Thank you Belgium to invest in the acrobatics sport. - Yuvel (supporter, ISR)

It’s super fun here, organisation on point! I quit acrobatics a year ago, I really enjoy the routines. The show is constantly going on, even if we’re running ahead of schedule - thanks to the presentation, the music, the dances… we’re having the time of our life! - Rixt (supporter, NED)

The organisation here is top, we can show what we want to show! The timing fits perfect and the competition hall is great, it really values the exercises of the atletes! - Sandrine (coach, FRA)