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Team in the spotlight - Marte Snoeck & Bram Röttger

Elien Van Deynse   ‐  Donderdag 1 feb 2018

Let's team up!

Mixed pair Marte Snoeck (Sportac Deinze) and Bram Röttger (Volharding Boom) will make their debut in the senior competition at the World Championships in Antwerp!

Belgium is getting ready for a unique gymnastics event for all Acrobatic Gymnastics enthusiasts! In the spring of 2018, 189 gymnasts from 20 different countries will compete in Antwerp at the World Championships. Belgium is sending 4 teams to this major event!

  • Men's pair: Kilian Goffaux (Sportac Deinze) & Robin Casse (VGL Niel)
  • Mixed pair: Marte Snoeck (Sportac Deinze) & Bram Röttger
  • Men's group: Noam Patel Raj (STB Gymnastics Berchem), Geusens Bram (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas), Jonas Anthoon (TK Werchter) & Hannes Garré (Sportac Deinze)
  • Women's pair: Noémie Lammertyn & Lore Vanden Berghe (Sportac Deinze)

  • Marte en Bram are the youngest of the four. They made their senior debut in Belgium in January 2018. Three Perfect exercises and a high score for the lovely mixed pair. A good start of 2018! But this performance wasn't really unexpected after their many victories in 2017.

    (European Championships - Marte Snoeck & Bram Röttger - Photo Isabel Silva)

    2017 was a 'Golden-year' for our mixed pair. The Belgium Champions (juniors) won all the national competitions, the Flanders International Acrobatic Competition (FIAC) and the IAG in the Netherlands.

    But the most important competition was the European Championships in October. Juniors, Marte and Bram were very exited to show their talent to the world. Two nice routines (Balance and Dynamic), were good for a double European Title! And they added another silver medal for the AA competition. Our mixed pair is clearly ready to compete at the World Championships in 2018!

    We went to see Marte & Bram and asked how everything was going!

    - What does your schedule look like till the World Championships?

    M > We had our first competition in Belgium in January. In February (FIAC) and March (MIAC) we have two World Cup's to attend.

    B > Our training schedule for the World Championships remains almost the same as for other competitions. But I think it will be much more intense this time. Of course we push up the level to get fully in shape.

    - What are your goals at the World Championships?

    M & B > First of all we would love to bring two clean excercises so we can be proud of ourselves. That's the most important thing! Also we would like to perform well and get a medal at finals.

    - What do you thing about the competition at the World Championships?

    M > I'm mostly afraid of the Russians. Their mixed pair is so elegant and won so many competitions, it will be hard to even equal them!

    B > I think the competition will be hard. The Russians have won every competition last year ... It will be exciting!

    - Wich elements are your favorite?

    M > In general I like Balance the most. If I have to pick one element I'll take Canonball!

    B > I don't really have a favorite element. As long as our elements work out I'm happy!

    Do you want to see this mixed pair perform at the World Championships in April? Buy your tickets here!

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