Russia rules at European Championships

Elien Van Deynse   ‐  Vrijdag 3 nov 2017

After the EAGC, the Polish city of Rzeszow hosted the European Championships from 19 till 22 October. The Juniors & Seniors competed against each other during qualifications and finals.


  • Men’s Pairs

2 years ago in Riesa (GER), Belgium’s Vincent Casse and Arne Van Gelder grabbed the all-around title ahead of Russians Igor Mishev and Nikolay Suprunov. At the Word Games this summer the Russians also took the silver medal after Germany. But during Euros they were the only pair that managed to score above 29 points in qualification, scoring 29.020 for their balance routine. Vincent's younger brother Robin Casse and Killian Goffaux took silver.

  1. Igor Mishev & Nikolay Suprunov (RUS) 86.450
  2. Kilian Goffaux & Robin Casse (BEL) 85.550
  3. Aliaksei Zayats & Artsiom Yashchanka (BLR) 84.290

  • Mixed Pairs

In-cre-di-ble …were Russians Marina Chernova and Georgiy Pataraya. They have won all there is to win! With 4 points ahead of Artur Beliakou and Volha Melnik and almost 6 points more than Belarussians. That’s impressive.

  1. Marina Chernova & Georgiy Pataraia (RUS) 92.240
  2. Artur Beliakou & Volha Melnik (BLR) 86.370
  3. Lewis Walker & Katherine Williams (GBR) 85.110

  • Women’s Pairs

Another impressive Russian pair are the Double Daria’s: Daria Guryeva and Daria Kalinina: the European, World Champions and World Games winners. Belgium’s triple junior European Champions Noémie and Lore took silver. The bronze was for Israel’s Mika Lefkovits and Roni Surzon!

  1. Daria Guryeva & Daria Kalinina (RUS) 89.530
  2. Noemie Lammertyn & Lore Van Den Berghe (BEL) 85.090
  3. Mika Lefkovits & Roni Surzon (ISR) 84.910

  • Women’s Groups

Reigning junior World Champions Polina Plastinina, Kseniia Zagoskina and Daria Chebulanka got what they came for: the golden medal. The Russians left all doubters behind with an excellent combined routine to extend their lead to 1.560 over their closest competitors, the British trio Isabel Haigh, Ilisha Boardman and Emily Hancock. Belarussians Karina Sandovich, Julia Ivonchyk and Veranika Nabokina perfomed good and took the bronze medal.

  1. Polina Plastinina, Kseniia Zagoskina & Daria Chebulanka (RUS) 87.560
  2. Isabel Haigh, Ilisha Boardman & Emily Hancock (GBR) 86.000
  3. Karina Sandovich, Julia Ivonchyk & Veranika Nabokina (BLR) 83.790

  • Men’s Groups

The 2015 junior European Champions Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate and Adam Upcott (GBR) couldn't win from Israel’s senior Champions Daniel Uralevitch, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach and Lidar Dana. Ukraine showed off the strengths of traditional acrobatics and were rewarded the bronze medal.

  1. Daniel Uralevitch, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach & Lidar Dana (ISR) 89.230
  2. Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate & Adam Upcott (GBR) 88.800
  3. Vladyslav Kukurudz, Stanislav Kukurudz, Yurii Push & Taras Yarush (UKR) 85.440


  • Women’s Pairs

Going into the final with a comfortable lead, the Ukrainian ladies Oleksandra-Mariia Tabachynska and Yuliia Pylypiak left the Russia’s Iasmina Ishankulova and Kristina Garshinabrought behind and and came home with the European title.

  1. Oleksandra-Mariia Tabachynska & Yuliia Pylypiak (UKR) 83.500
  2. Iasmina Ishankulova & Kristina Garshina (RUS) 82.320
  3. Stephanie Ricketts & Stamatia Raftapolou (GBR) 81.940

  • Men’s Pairs

Russian's Andrei Zuev and Artem Simonov extended their lead and took with more than 2 points than their main rivals Callum Portugal-Walker the European title. Another point behind were the Portuguese pair Henrique Branco and Tomas Filipe who managed to climb up from fourth position to beat Belarussians.

  1. Andrei Zuev & Artem Simonov (RUS) 86.150
  2. Callum Portugal-Walker & Kieran Blower (GBR) 83.950
  3. Henrique Branco & Tomas Filipe (POR) 82.940

  • Mixed Pair

Another exciting battle for gold during the Mixed pair's final! Finally Russia scored slightly higher, 28.500 compared to Belgium’s 28.450, to take the gold medal. Azerbaijan’s Aghasif Rahimov and Nurjan Jabbarli claimed the bronze medal.

  1. Aleksandra Balandina & Valeriy Tukhashvili (RUS) 84.450
  2. Marte Snoeck & Bram Roettger (BEL) 84.200
  3. Aghasif Rahimov & Nurjan Jabbarli (AZE) 83.000

  • Women’s Groups

With Just 0.150 points more than Russia, Portugal took the European title in a nervous final! Silver went to Russia, who were almost a point ahead of Ukrainians Olena Vykhavanets, Inna Kaplanska and Iryna Khyzhniak.

  1. Joana Moreira, Rita Ferreira & Beatriz Carneiro (POR) 85.100
  2. Amila Lozhkina, Ekaterina Sergeeva & Elizaveta Sergeeva (RUS) 84.400
  3. Olena Vykhavanets, Inna Kaplanska & Iryna Khyzhniak (UKR) 83.450

  • Men’s Group – out of competition

Only 3 groups competed in the men’s group competition. Russia dominated the event, posting the highest score on all exercises.

  1. Andrey Besedin, Artem Balashov, Nikolay Fedosov & Vladislav Vinogradov (RUS) 84.000
  2. Aidan Lim, Alberto Cardillo-Zallo, Alexander Balfe & Alexander Papworth (GBR) 81.150
  3. Mikita Barysenka, Uladzislau Lishou, Artsiom Bukhvalau & Raman Makaranka (BLR) 74.350
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