European Titles 11-16 & 12-18 for Israel, Russia and Great Britain

Delphine Gosseye   ‐  Maandag 16 okt 2017

From 13 till 15 October, the Polish city of Rzeszow hosted the European Age Group Competitions Acrobatic Gymnastics. The 2 age group categories 11-16 and 12-18 competed against each other during qualifications and finals.

Competition 11-16

Women’s pairs

Top qualifiers Sasha Carpenter and Poppy Yates from Great Britain performed an excellent routine in the final and took the gold with a total of 27.650. The battle for the silver and the bronze medal was between Russia, Belgium and Israel. Russia took the silver and Nora Dejonghe and Nelle Van Der Taelen of Belgium won the bronze.

  1. Sasha Carpenter & Poppy Yates (GBR) 27.650
  2. Albina Bavykina & Angelina Ronshina (RUS) 27.150
  3. Nora Dejonghe & Nelle Van Der Taelen (BEL) 27.100

Mixed pairs

In this category the Russian team beated the British and Portugal's gymnasts. These two pairs posted the same score but the tie was broken based on the all-round results in qualifications, silver for Great Britain and bronze for Portugal.

  1. Anastasiia Chaganova & Nikita Ignatev (RUS) 27.650
  2. Joseph Hill & Cheri-May Cunnigham (GBR) 27.200
  3. Manuel Candeias & Madalena Cavilhas (POR) 27.200

Men’s pairs

Top qualifiers Andrew Morris-Hunt & Archie Goonesekera (GBR) were outscored by their Russian rivals Vladislav Glevitskii and Samir Mamedov in artistry and execution. Gold for Russia and silver for Great Britain! Israel took the bronze medal.

  1. Vladislav Glevitskii & Samir Mamedov (RUS) 27.750
  2. Andrew Morris-Hunt & Archie Goonesekera (GBR) 27.500
  3. Nadav Gershgoren & Chen Banuz (ISR) 27.100

Women’s groups

Another competition between the gymnasts of Great Britain and Russia. Russia performed an excellent routine that was rewarded with the highest execution score of this final. However, Great Britain scored an impressive 9.250 for artistry to overtake the Russians by just 0.050. Portugal’s trio put on an entertaining performance and took the bronze medal.

  1. Molly Berry, Trudie Roper & Sumaiya Hines (GBR) 28.050
  2. Aygul Mametmuradova, Margarita Girenko & Elvira Iushinova (RUS) 28.000
  3. Matilde Vieira, Margarida Malato & Margarida Sousa (POR) 27.450
  4. Kiara De Backer, Xanthe Blokland & Fleur Hermans (BEL) 27.100

Men's groups

The men’s group final was held out of competition because of insufficient number of participants.

  1. Adam Nudel, Yonatan Fridman, Roei Noam & Nevo Moshe Gavra (ISR) 27.350
  2. Nazar Kirillov, Oleg Krivenko, Vladimir Chernov & Sharafuddin Burakov (RUS) 27.250
  3. Jack Clegg, Bradley Gold, Jake Turner & Harry Watson (GBR) 26.450

Competition 12-18

Women’s Pairs

Great Britain’s women’s pair scored an impressive 9.300 in artistry during finals and took the gold in this category. Russia takes silver and Gali Rosenstein & Kami Ram (ISR) claim the bronze.

  1. Olivia Procter & Evie Hancox (GBR) 28.300
  2. Darina Ignatenia & Polina Pilipenko (RUS) 27.950
  3. Gali Rosenstein & Kami Ram (ISR) 27.340

Men’s Pairs

Great Britain’s Men's pair took the top position after the qualifications. In the final the Russian gymnasts performed a great combined exercise that scored the highest score of this final, 28.750! The British boys took the silver, more than a point ahead of Ukraine.

  1. Timofei Ivanov & Maksim Karavaev (RUS) 28.750
  2. Frazer Windows & Finlay Gray (GBR) 28.300
  3. Mykolai Zemlianyi & Ivan Khazhanets (UKR) 27.050

Mixed Pairs

Great Britain’s Jordan Franklin and Ella Hanna Sanz and Russia’s Madina Zakariaeva and Oleg Varvaruzos both scored 28.300 in this final. The new Code of Points doesn’t allow ties anymore so the winner was decided according to the qualification results which put Great Britain in the gold medal position. Portugal took the bronze medal, finishing two tenths ahead of Seppe Beyens and Margot Bogaerts of Belgium.

  1. Jordan Franklin & Ella Hanna Sanz (GBR) 28.300
  2. Madina Zakariaeva & Oleg Varvaruzos (RUS) 28.300
  3. Pedro Malato & Ines Semedo (POR) 27.250
  4. Seppe Beyens & Margot Bogaerts (BEL) 27.050

Women’s Groups

The girls from Israël performed a spectacular combined routine and won gold in their cateogry. They dominated the final, beating Darya Niamarskaya, Anhelina Tsiukha and Sofiya Belmach of Belarus by 6 tenths of a point. The battle for bronze was exciting with three groups: France, Belgium and Great Britain. Belgium posted the highest execution score but was beaten in artistry by the two other. In the end, France edged Belgium by just 0.030.

  1. Yaroslava Bekarenev, Nikol Aleinik & Noa Kazado Yakar (ISR) 28.200
  2. Darya Niamarskaya, Anhelina Tsiukha & Sofiya Belmach (BLR) 27.600
  3. Enora Thely, Genoa Howat & Emma El Aoudi El Akari (FRA) 27.150
  4. Malou Willemot, Silke Coppens & Yana Degroote (BEL) 27.120

Men’s groups

Portugal’s Men's group won the bronze medal 2 years ago and were in the top spot after qualifications. But it was the Russian team that took the gold in the finals. Silver for the gymnasts of Portugal and bronze for Great Brittain.

  1. Ivan Ivanov, Bogdan Stepanov, Maksim Pavelko & Rustam Salimdzhanov (RUS) 28.200
  2. Miguel Silva, Henrique Silva, Joao Pereira & Henrique Piqueiro (POR) 28.000
  3. Max Crawford, Daniel Axford, Jacob Robinson & Cameron Patrick-Lothian (GBR) 26.450

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