COUNTRY TO WATCH - The Netherlands

Elien Van Deynse   ‐  Dinsdag 13 mrt 2018

Let's Team Up!

Belgium is getting ready for the World Championships in April! Following this event we like to take a closer look to several attending countries. Belgium's neighbor, The Netherlands will kick off 'Country to Watch'.

The Netherlands are only an hour driving from Belgium. We are very happy to welcome our neighbors to this major event in Antwerp. The Dutch' delegation consist of 12 beautiful gymnasts: two Women's groups, two Mixed pairs and a woman pair. We'll take a closer look to the boys and girls that will compete in Belgium at the World Championships!

In the category Women's group, The Netherlands have two teams. Fem van Os, Pleunie van Mook & Mariska van de Water (pic) placed 4th in the allround competitions at the European Championships in Poland 2017. At the Belgium's World Cup 2018 they also became 4th in finals. Lisanne Pronk, Charell Phijffers & Suzanne Mondria are the second team.

In the category Mixed pair, The Netherlands also have two teams. Britney Bordewijk & Stein Briggen (pic) and Fenne van Dijck & Stef van der Locht. Britney and Stein also attended the World Cup in Belgium in February. The mixed pair placed 6th in finals. At the European Championships in October they placed 5th in the allround competition!

(Djenti & Nicole - World Games 2017 - Pic Thomas Schreyer)

And last but not least Women's pair Djenti Verbrugge & Nicole Eykelenboom. The girls went last minute to the World Games in summer of 2017 Wroclaw (POL). An exciting experience for the girls. The Dutch Champion's of '16'17 became 6th in the competition. At the World Cup in Belgium in February the girls placed 4th.

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